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  • I live in CT, US
  • I was born on June 30
  • My occupation is Lawyer
  • I am Male.

Welcome to this page. This is my signature: --Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night. 20:12, January 11, 2012 (UTC)


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Decoy Detonator

Part 4273743 (In need of attention)

Peacock (No rating)

Zacharias Smith

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My random Articles of the day

Why did i decide to do this?

Ok. The reason to do this is so that you can take a look from any random page on the wiki. I should be able to change it every time I login. I will put around 5 every time, with an ultra-special week-ender consisting of 10 on Fridays. Thank you.

Sunday's articles of the day


3050 Shanghai Surprise


1111 Rubber Rims for Locomotive Wheels


Humpbacked Witch Statue

NOTE: Please remember these are picked at random from my mind. Also, some of these pages I have never saw before, and maybe totally strange!

Collectable Minifigures

Series 2

Pop Star, Traffic Cop

Series 3

Gorilla Suit Guy, Sumo Wrestler, Space Villain, Pilot

Series 4

Artist, Crazy Scientist, Football Player, Werewolf,

Series 5

Cave Woman, Gangster, Gladiator,

Series 6

Intergalactic Girl


First Set!

7110 Landspeeder

Newest sets

4840 The Burrow [][][][][] 4865 The Forbidden Forest ;#';#'#;]'#[ 4866 The Knight Bus ;#[];#'][['#;

Favourite Set

4730 The Chamber of Secrets



Alien Conquest [];#'[] Harry Potter []=-=']# City ###########

Least favourite

Ben 10: Alien Force




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