Kilmarnock228 is a longtime Lego fan, with a particular emphasis on Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He likes Lego but wishes that they would do a few things that they haven't, mostly in the area of sets or Minifigures depicting characters that they haven't yet released.

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Things I'd Like to See

Ninjago Story Ideas

The Stone Wars

When Acronix, Krux, and other villains travel back in time to the Stone Wars, the Ninja are brought face to face with their history! The First Spinjitzu Master and his fellow Elemental Masters-of Ice (same guy from Serpentine War era), Water, Lightning, Amber, and Shadow-and Mistresses-Fire, Earth, Sound, Metal, Time, Gravity, Wind, Mind, Speed, and Smoke-face off with the Dragon Overlord and his Stone Army!

Admittedly this would be mostly for the purpose of getting an Overlord Dragon set and First Spinjitzu Master minifigure; speaking of which, some dragon matchups (physical and nonphysical; a ^ indicates my ideas, a ` indicates need for improvement):



  • Destruction^ vs. Water
  • Phantom M.^ vs. Surprise^ M.
  • Shadow vs. Nature
  • Gravity vs. Metal
  • Speed vs. Mind
  • Smoke vs. Sound
  • Time^ vs. Amber^
  • First Realm Ice vs. Wind
  • Red Dragon vs. ?

Female Ninjago Villains

  • A hidden faction of Skulkin, long secreted in the Underworld after being defeated-alongside Samukai-by young Wu and Garmadon (and maybe the other Elemental Masters?).
  • The rising generation of Serpentine, led by Skales Jr. (possibly with influence from Pythor and/or Aspheera?) A group of Serpentine females who didn't take part in either of the wars? Or a cult of sorceresses dedicated to the memory of Aspheera?
  • A lost group of Stone Warriors, buried by the separation of Ninjago and the Dark Island.
  • A new group of robots, consisting of P.I.X.A.L.'s predecessors. Based on the fact that there were fifteen of them, and P.I.X.A.L.'s name starts with the sixteenth letter of the alphabet, some theme with letters A-O might be applicable. Not sure if I'd have them all as minifigures, or perhaps have some of them combined as a giant robot or converted into vehicles.
  • A backup sect of Anacondrai Cultists led by Skylor's mother?
  • Khanjikan appears with a group of Djinn.
  • The Vermillion return with more female members.
  • Female Oni appear following the Omega’s defeat.
  • Vex somehow manages to tap the residual energies of Zane's corrupted ice and brings about a new incarnation of the Blizzard Samurai, including female warriors (corrupt Formlings?)
  • Atta the Ratta turns out to be female, and leads a new force of female Prime Empire characters.