I am currently creating making funny joke pictures to add to my Userpage

All images are crafted by me, though only a few additions, the Image itself was not made by me.

King Kahuka

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Legobatmanlogo.jpg This user collected Batman LEGO.
Tn bionicle png.png This user collects BIONICLE LEGO.
Castlelogo.jpg This user collected Castle LEGO.
City-logo.gif This user collects City LEGO.
MinifigsLogo.png This user collects Collectable Minifigures.
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This user collected Knights' Kingdom II LEGO.

Mars Mission.png This user collected Mars Mission LEGO.
Space.jpg This user collects Space LEGO.
Fullscreen capture 612011 43358 PM.bmp.jpg This user wishes that Seatron LEGO had been made.
Kc404-0000-xx-13-1.jpg This user collects SpongeBob SquarePants LEGO.
LEGO Star Wars Blue Logo.png This user collects Star Wars LEGO.
LEGO Bricks.jpg This user is currently addicted to Brickipedia!
Red2x2.png This user contributes to Brickipedia Customs.
Minifighead-headset.png This user can be found on chat.
Passenger 3181.png This user is male.
Lego Digital brick.gif This user is a LEGO Digital Designer.
Legouniverselogo.jpg This user played LEGO Universe.
Assembly.png This user was a member of Assembly in the MMOG LEGO Universe.
Skater13.jpg This user is a Teenage Fan of LEGO.
Islanders-Logo.png This user collected Islanders LEGO

people always fall behind, probably because humanity dies so quickly.