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  • I live in Miami, FL
  • I was born on May 27
  • My occupation is Um, nothing for now.
  • I am Male

"Long ago, the world was peaceful with no worry or thought of hostility. But as time passed, new discoveries brought new threats. Space travel gave the peaceful inhabitants of the old world excitement. Little did they know what dangers would come with it. Alien beings from other worlds, who's hearts were hardened from many wars on there planets, waged war on the kind people. They soon adapted to the ways of warfare and protected themselves and whoever allied with them as the Space Police. Many years, the Space Police fought and protected the universe from whomever brought harm, never surrendering and always fighting back. And although the inhabitants of Earth were not as peaceful as they used to be, they tryed to keep a kind heart for others. On an unfortunate day, one man convinced many others that the Space Police were evil, caring only for control over the universe. The man took the name of Omega and used his tongue to spread words of deceit and hatred into the minds of others. Many people rebeled against the Space Police. War was ounce again brought to the people, but this time, they were fighting each other. Omega alied himself with the aliens of hardened hearts. He found an abandoned planet and decided to start his empire with those alied with him. The empire has long been a thorn in the Space Police's side. There name has been considered to represent all evil, Blacktron." -The prologue of The World of LEGO: Gates of Fire.

About me

Hello brickipedians! I'm Kingpinn2, and I love LEGOS! I have lots of them at home. Any ways, i'd like to say i'm glad to be a part of this wiki. I collect Ninjago spinners and I have Spinjitzu tips below. Brickipedia:User rights/Requests, Brickipedia:Infobox colour proposals, http://html

Darth henry's minifig of me.

My Spinjitzu tips

  • Spinjitzu tip 1, Sensei's golden weapon: This tip is for the Sensei Wu spinner in 2504 Spinjitzu Dojo, Since it doesn't have a golden weapon so you can play golden battle cards as Sensei, use the two Shurikens of Ice from the set and put them on his Really Big Stick (I know what your thinking about the last seven words, stop laughing). That way, you can use it as a shuriken staff like in 2113 Zane.
  • Spinjitzu tip 2, Hey, this isn't my arm!: If you have a skeleton spinner, try putting a regular skeleton arm thats straight and makes the weapon face upward on your skeleton and having that arm hold a weapon to win a battle. I tried it with Krazi and Kai, Krazi kept on wining.
  • Spinjitzu tip 3, Kraking your skeletons Nuckal's: This tip doesn't have much to do with Spinjitzu, but NEVER have a skeleton hold one weapon with two arms. I did it with Krazi and his fingers broke. If this happens, you can get another arm from 4182 The Cannibal Escape or 2506 Skeleton Monster Truck. On the bright side, this is how I got tip 2.
  • Spinjitzu tip 4, Use your head: Lets say your playing Spinjitzu with a friend. Your friend picks a Power Drain card [1], how are you supposed to spin with one hand? Try spinning by twisting your fingers on the characters head.
  • Spinjitzu tip 5, This weapon is perfect!: To win battles, use hard weapons like A Really Big Stick, the Golden Spear, and the Staff of the Dragons. I tried it with Frakjaw's plastic mace and Jay's hard Golden Spear and Jay's weapon won! I also tried it with Kai's plastic Sword of Fire and Cole's hard Staff of Dragons and Cole's weapon won! It looks like a bad day for fire.
  • Spinjitzu tip 6, Slow and steady wins the battle: This may sound crazy, but try spinning your spinner slow. I did it with my spinners and the slow ones won. WARNING: don't spin to slow!

Favorite Quotes

"Selfish fool, do you think I would not plan on your betrayl?" "Whats happening to me!?" "You've fallen right into my master plan, the weapons are so powerful not even I can control them, it will create a vortex through space and time! Allowing me to leave this ghastly place!" "Uh-oh!" - Lord Garmadon and Samukai from LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.

113px-Sensei wu-1-

"If you want to get your sister back, you must control the fire that burns inside, only when you become a Spinjitzu master, you will be able to face... Lord Garmadon" -Sensei Wu talking to Kai in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

"What did you tell him Rookie?" "Eather I said 'Hey this isn't a game' or 'Were armed with garlic and butter' " - Gary the Gagdet Guy asking Rookie what he told Klutzy the crab from the System Defender game in Club Penguin.

"YOU... ARE... A... TOOOOY!!! Your not the real Buzz Lightyear! Your an action figure! You are a childs play thing!" "You are one sad strange little man." - Woody and Buzz Lightyear from the original Toy Story.

"YOU... ARE... A... TOY... CAAAAR!!!" "You are one sad strange little wagon" - Woody and Buzz Lightyear from the original Cars in the movie theater.

LEGO Master Builder Academy

Sets I have

Level 1

Level 2

(My mom ordered both for my birthday)

Favorite themes

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