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Currently I am Active here on Brickipedia and am persuing to work on my other wikis.


I joined Brickipedia on March 30, 2011. In that time I have made over 10,000 edits and counting. I discovered Brickipedia by actually looking to buy the Elf on Ebay. I saw one that looked within my price range and saw a link for more photos. As I opened the link who would know I would one day be a leader of this site. I was amazed when I sawe it. Clean templates, awesome photos and much more. Every day I would come back amazed for this was truly awesome. In March 2011 I finally decided to join with an account called Mr. Minifigure, At first I had a rough start but look at where I am today.


DUPLO logo
For my whole life I have collected LEGOs starting out with DUPLO. At the age of four I started using System bricks and since have. I don't like TECHNIC bricks though for I think they don't make great City scenes. I love Collectable Minifigures and use them for different scenes and restart. In December 2011 I officially decided to not collect LEGO sets anymore but only minifigures.

What I Mainly Do

Here at Brickipedia I have formed a list of things I need to do more and I normally do:

  • Be more active
  • Greet new users personally

To be continued...

Last edited by: Klagoer on: 02/9/2013

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