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Hello, I'm Klintrin, (But I like to be called Klint or Lint), and I'ma active user here, so yeah. I can help with certain issues if needed...

About me

I started out with LEGO in early 2006, with some Agents and Exo Force sets, as I built, I started to love LEGO more, as the years went by I filled my collection with Indiana Jones, Agents, Exo Force, Castle, Kingdoms, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Galaxy Squad, Legends of Chima, and more. I try building at least one hour a day, sometimes, when I'm working on a project, I'll build for 3+ hours, though. I'm currently making a massive castle, based off Agents, City, and some LotR and Castle pieces. I'm also a mildly good Wikia coder, so I can help with certain projects. I'm a moderator and rollbacker on the LEGO Message Boards Wiki, and a b-crat on LEGO Fanon. I'm currently trying to categorize images, adding information to articles, ect. I can be contacted on my talk page if I'm needed for anything.


Friends list

If you consider yourself my friend, feel free to add yourself here! :D (In no order)