Hi, KooLcATCamZ!

Welcome to my User Page!

I really liked lego since I was what, 4? I really enjoy making new combinations and that feeling of joy when you first open a new box of lego.

My LEGO Minifigure

My very own LEGO Minifigure has a blue pair of pants and a red jacket with a planet on the top right corner. On his neck he has a Ninjago sword holder with a gold katana and a silver katana in it. His face is a half smile and he has orange hair that is swept to the right side. In his hands he has a see-through green/yellow popsicle and in his other hand he has a golden trophie with a smaller gold minifigure on it. Check out my talk page for awesome polls and other new stuff coming soon!

My Friends List

Brick Creeper


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