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aka Acorn

  • I live in Oulu, Finland
  • I am angry at Bethesda
Lapinlahden Linnut - Stressaako?

Lapinlahden Linnut - Stressaako?

Im Korppufin and i usualy chat here, i do cube dudes and other random activity too. If your a fan of my cube dudes and MOCs, i thank you for your support, i really aprichiate that. By the way im Finnish guy and if your american your chances to see me in the chat are usualy under 50%, also that means my 1st language is Finnish so dont expect super expertly executed english from me. I do stuff with LDD mostly, i do have a camera now, so i´ll be posting some IRL creations in the not so distant future. Im gonna request for Chat Mod soon, since my chat behavior (that was awful in the past) has gone up like.. 80% and i think i need to be some good for this place.. since where i live the time zone is good for spammers becouse theres no chat mods on then. My edit speed is bad!

My current goals are:

  • Be more helpfull for the people of Brickipedia
  • Meet some friends, ive kinda lost some friends since the people i called friends here have been leaving like craaaazy.
  • Get the Customizer of The Month, that whould be a great honor and get me some more popularity since im preatty invisible in the eyes of people here.
  • Get some other kind of public merit here.. it whould help.
  • If youre still reading i hope your not wondering: Is this guys ambition gonna end!? Well it is since i know im not gonna get the admin status with this line of editing!
Minifighead-headset This user can be found on chat.


Here are the few people who are my friends.. (The list has been almost emptied by the move back)

Stuff i like

  • Cooking
  • Chatting
  • Using LDD
  • Being Logical
  • Being absolutely 0% Logical
  • Steam (the downloadable game app)
  • Steam (gass form of water)
  • Sauna
  • Half-Life games

Stuff i.. dont like

  • Spam
  • Judgin people by theyre: Heritage, Skin color, Eny color, Gender, Religion, Sexuality or Ancisters
  • Obviously bad choices, Example: Shooting a robber. (Since he was going to rob you that doesnt make you able to kill the poor guy and getting away with it... HE WAS ONLY GONNA ROB YOU, this was only an example)
  • Also a´holes like myshelf.
  • People that take stuff too seriously.
  • SNOW!



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