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Lcawte, Brickipedian since 18th May 2009.


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Lewis Cawte


19th May 2009

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6th September 1996

About Me

I'm Lewis Cawte (other wise known as Lcawte). I joined Brickipedia in May 2009, as a new editor, knowing little about wikis, or the internet. Over my time at Brickipedia, I've managed to learn many new things, from policies, to setting up MediaWiki installs. I sometimes wonder if I credit Brickipedia enough, for what some may consider, great achievements.

  • Setup and helped set up 5 MediaWiki installations, currently still on the web. A variety of others down working with localhost.
  • Become a Rollback and Patroller on Brickipedia.
  • Become a well trusted member of Brickipedia, including key positions in the Bot Approval Group.
  • Set up and manage a Twitter account and Facebook page, for Brickipedia.
  • Trusted to set up Brickipedia's official sister site for articles on MOC's and other Custom LEGO objects, LEGO Customs Wiki.
  • To become an Administrator on Brickipedia.
  • To finish learning PHP and take a role as a MediaWiki developer.
  • To understand Python and release some source codes onto the internet, and rewrite some pre-existing codes, such as a current sourceforge project.
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