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aka Brian the Dark Knight

  • I live in Pennsylvania
  • I was born on May 18
  • My occupation is Editor on Wiki
  • I am Male
Welcome <insert name here> to my page.


"I want you to remember, Clark, in all the years to come, in all your most private moments. I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you."
-Batman, The Dark Knight Returns Comics
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(^My reaction to this GIF)

I thought this was funny

Tumblr meteor

i can haz spotlight?

Cat jump
Cat jump

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(Forewarning: I have a different username than my wiki account name, Lego Green Lantern. This is because I made the Flickr account before I even knew about Brickipedia, or vice versa. I don't remember anymore.)

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Awwwwww Yissssssss!


Look at this first, please.

Okay, ya done reading that? Okay, good. Now if actually did read it, you now know that I want the Pirates theme to make a comeback. A bigger and better comeback than the Twinkie (not really). So as I wait for lego to re-introduce the theme, I will start making custom Pirates sets, entitled Pirates (2013), along with my well-known X-Men theme. It will mostly feature Captain Brickbeard making an attack against Governor and his men, to steal some form of treasure. I have also decided to have one of Brickbeard's men to fall in love with the Governor's Daughter (awe).

Unrelated topic, I will be making a Cerebro set for my X-Men theme, for all of you that care. I just need to think of a design for it before I start making it.

2014 Nightwing Minifigure

I'm pretty excited about this minifigure being redesigned for the DC Universe Super Heroes line. I prefer this Nightwing over the old one. I don't have the old one, but I just don't like it. Why, you ask. Because, I like the New 52 designs of heroes like the Bat-family. And red is my favorite color. So, by combining the two, I FRICKEN LOVE THIS MINIFIGURE! As opposed to everyone else who seems to dislike the figure. Well. Admire its awesomeness:
Nightwing 2014 face



Over the past few days it seems that I have started seeing more and more of these "sig-figs". So, I've thought about them, and I realized that I have lots of questions. Like: What does sig mean?/Should I make sig-figs?/Do I want to be a sig-fig?/Who makes the best sig-figs.
Then I realized,"Yes. Yes I DO want to be a sig-fig! What do I do? Who do I ask? How do I ask? I just don't know."
Then I went on Sparrow's page and saw that he had a list and a gallery of his "sig-figs". Then I thought,"Hmm. I think I should make a list as well."

  • So here it goes:
    • I am a ginger (like Nuff)
    • I have short hair
    • Young (14!)
    • Huge Super Hero fan (Especially Batman)
    • I live in Pennsylvania
    • I also am a big fan of Zombies/The Walking Dead (same thing)
    • I have a little facial hair, but not a lot
(so help me God for what I'm about to say...)
    • I am not a huge fan of Boup...
      • It's not that I hate the users, no. Its just, that feel.

Sig-Fig Gallery

My first sig-fig made by Jpw

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This user won Brickipedia's MOC contest in February

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CGI Batman



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