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About me

Well to start off i'm 14 .I absolutly love Legos and own 21 sets. I am a 9th grader. I go to Harbor Teacher Preperation Academy.i like drawing but i'm not very good. I have a huge imagination soo if I met one of you you'd think i'm crazy. And I am one of those custom lego set people. I guess that's it then. Bye.


  • I am currently working on a rebel fort/base made from two Echo Bases, three snow trooper battle packs, and two rebel trooper army packs.
  • Just finished building The Elite. it is two clone walkers built into one. I'll try to upload pics as soon as possible.
  • I just built #1. It is a giant off terain vehicle that can fit 5 lego figures. it consists of 2 machine guns, 3 star wars guns, 2 snipers, a defensive wall, 1 spear and 5 missiles. Can't post pictures now for two obvious reasons. Banned from cell phone, and don't know how.

Links to Sets I Own


  • please leave a comment after looking (optional) or a link to your sets. Thank you.


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(starts on august 24)

  • Got My first BIonicle/Hero Factory set Ever.
  • this hasn't been a big sucsess but am trying to do better. I finished making lego ash kecthum. Got Lego star wars for computer. October 15
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