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My Custom BATCAVE Moc, with Robin and Batman. Both custom.

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Me Gusta, indeed.

Batman Arkham City - The Riddler Trailer

Batman Arkham City - The Riddler Trailer

The Riddler's Trailer, from Batman: Arkham City

HELLO MY FELLOW BRICKIPEDIANS! I am Lego8ball, a LEGO custom creator on youtube. (OR, i rather, USED to be, I shut my channel down a while ago.) (The link to my channels im my "website" link.) I use Clay, Glue, All Purpose Labels, and Sharpies to create LEGO minifigures from Video games, (Pokemon, Loz,) and movies (Tron Legacy, Indiana Jones). My biggest inspirations are Mr.OrangeLego, gabbagabbastudios789, and PokeTheLEGO. Sadly, there is only one of the three listed that is still active. I haven't even heard from the others. Anyway, I am 15 years old and am HUGE Lego collector. I have so many pieces they seem to find my room floor pleasing to sleep on. I love LEGO themes, including the movies behind them, (but im getting sick of Star Wars, as I am starting to dislike the amount of vehicles LEGO Produces, and want more areas and places.)

Ask me anything!

Age: 15 Gender: Male Favorite LEGO lines: Harry Potter, Monster Fighters, Super Heroes, Aqua Raiders, Indiana Jones, The LEGO Movie, Minecraft, Ninjago. Height: 5"4

IMG 1762

This is my LEGO Minecraft Moc. It is completely compatible with the actual set.

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