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About Me

Hey there, <insert name here>! I'm LegoRokz112, but I can also go by LR12. I'm new to this wikia thing, so bear with me. :P

Well, to start, I liked LEGO as a kid, about ages 3-6. Then I stopped for a few years. That was really stupid of me.

Back in 2009, the new Power Miners theme was just out. I was about 10. We were walking through a Walmart or Target, and I saw a little LEGO set on the shelf. I loved it. It had a vehicle with two saws at the front, and one wheel in the back. There was a minifig with blue overalls and a grey shirt on, and was wearing a little blue helmet. There was also a red Rock Monster holding a crystal. I bought the set, and I was set for months with it, adding things to it from my more random collection.

Little did I know that that was the start of a small career, or just a large hobby.

Now in 2012, I've collected about 4 themes, and in those themes, almost 75 sets.

I'm also a fan of Nintendo. My cousin introduced me to The Legend of Zelda just last year, and I've been playing the classic 1980's game ever since! I've grown up playing Mario, but the 1980's game is hard to beat.

Angry Birds has recently gotten big with me as well. I'll upload some of the creations I made based on the series, including the Cardinal Bird and King Pig.

I'm a good student in school, usually passing the year with a 3.9 or 4.0. I really do enjoy every class, despite the modern age of kids who hate school in general.

Finally, I play the piano and about 5 other instruments. I just might add some soundtrack of me playing on my userpage!

So I guess that's all you need to know about me! See ya!

My 2013 Ninjago Theories

Okay, so there's been this recent hype about Kevin Hinkley announcing that Ninjago will end in 2013 after at least one wave of sets.

He later stated that there will be sets on the shelves in 2013, but has no plan for what is coming after that.

I do think, however, the last wave of sets might include the following item numbers, because of missing ones in the current line -

9451 9452 9453 9454

I believe that one of these will be a vehicle for Lloyd, and 9454 will most likely be a big one, like Lloyd vs. Lord.

There may be some spinners, as well, and here are what I think the item numbers will be -

9559 9560 9565 9568 9575 9576 9577 9578 9580

Based on what currently exists, I'm guessing -59 and -60 would be Booster Packs, and -65, -68, -75, -76, -77, and -78 would be spinners, along with a starter set, -80.

I'm also thinking Snike will be released in a promo booster pack, or something else like it. Sort of like the Kendo Jay Booster Pack; Spend 75 bucks and get a 5 buck set free.

What do you think?

So, this is what I think Ninjago will have in 2013, although I could be wrong... Very, very wrong... But, it's a start!


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