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Lego Whovian

  • I live in a Dalek
  • My occupation is a Lego Builder, a Doctor Who Collector and a Blu-ray obsessor.
  • I am a male whovian made entirely out of Lego.
This user was Brickipedian of the Month in March 2012

I am Lego Whovian. I like Lego very much.

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  • I made the 396,000th edit on this wiki.
  • I made the 399,000th edit on this wiki.
  • I made the 404,000th edit on this wiki.
  • I made the 471,000th edit on this wiki.
  • I made the 901,000th edit on this wiki.
  • I created the 29,000th page on this wiki.
  • I was the first person on this wiki, to make 250 edits on DUPLO pages.
  • I won Brickipedian of the Month for March 2012.

My Awards

Super Mega-Awesome Hyper Barnstar
CJC95 has awarded you a Super Mega-Awesome Hyper Barnstar! They are like normal barnstars, but much better and come with cake. Well, an image of cake. What do you expect though? Real cake? All this is is code and words, the chances of getting cake out of code is extremely slim. And if you want to stay slim, give all your cake to me.
Gold Brick
Gold Brick
Tatooine has awarded you a Gold Brick! Gold Bricks are awards given by users to other users for all their hard work. Great job!

You can copy the code for this Gold Brick and add it to your userpage.

Tatooine also added the following comment: You've been making really great edits toward Brickipedia, Lego Whovian! Thanks for all of them! Keep it up! :)

Bronze Penguin Award
The Lord Czech has awarded you a super-special award, Made with excellent bronze from the Finest Penguin blacksmiths, This award shows how nice and friendly you are, and for advancing the community. Wear this Award with a proud smile.
LEGO Rainbow Award
LSCStealthNinja has awarded you with a LEGO Rainbow Award. Made of Gold, Platinum, Silver, Bronze, and outfitted with Diamonds, Pearls, Rubies and Sapphires, this award is so expensive that only one can be given out each month (It is only given to Brickipedian of the Month). It shows your dedication and mass edits to the LEGO Wiki. Congratulations!

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