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Ninjago logo.svg This user collects Ninjago LEGO.
Brickpumpkin-052.png This user also has a ID.
Atlantis A logo revised 4.png This user collected Atlantis LEGO.
Tn bionicle png.png This user collects BIONICLE LEGO.
Castlelogo.jpg This user collected Castle LEGO.
MinifigsLogo.png This user collects Collectable Minifigures.
City-logo.gif This user collects City LEGO.
Harrypotter.jpg This user collected Harry Potter LEGO.
Lego lotr.jpg This user collects The Lord of the Rings LEGO.
Power Miners logo.jpg This user collected Power Miners LEGO.
LEGO Star Wars Blue Logo.png This user collects Star Wars LEGO.
Passenger 3181.png This user is male.
Lego bricks.jpg This user is a LEGO Expert.
Legouniverselogo.jpg This user played LEGO Universe.
Legouniverselogobeta copy.jpg This user was a LEGO Universe Beta Tester.
Sentinel1.png This user was a member of Sentinels in the MMOG LEGO Universe.
LEGOClublogo.jpg This user is a LEGO Club Magazine member.
Skater13.jpg This user is a Teenage Fan of LEGO.
Ninjago-logo.png This user is a member of the Ninjago Group.

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