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Hi Guest. I am Legokid123, You can call me lego.

About Me

I am a big lego fan. I like collecting legos and I am already about 2 months here at Brickipedia. And sometimes,when I have free time,I make lego stop-motions. I also make custom lego minifigures when I can't think of a lego stop-motion movie and later use my custom minifigures for my stop-motion movies.

My lego stop-motions

Here we have my lego stop motions. I have 2 stop-motions currently.

Lego the Amazing Spider-man episode 1 The villain outbreak

Lego the Amazing Spider-man episode 1 The villain outbreak

My lego stop-motion

Lego Ultimate Spider-Man Ep

Lego Ultimate Spider-Man Ep.1

Some of my pages

Home - Home
Blog - My Blogs
Legopencil - User:Legokid123/Customs

Lego Themes I like to collect

Legospidey This user collected Spider-Man LEGO.
Ninjago logo This user collects Ninjago LEGO.
Hero factory text logo This user collects Hero Factory LEGO.
LEGOClublogo This user is a LEGO Club Magazine member.
Space This user collects Space LEGO.
Legouniverselogo This user played LEGO Universe.

Some Lego sets and minifigures I want to collect

Some random lego gifs

HehDownload Loading random gifs

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