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  • I live in United States
  • I was born on February 11
  • My occupation is Engineering Student
  • I am Male
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MLG Neo-Futurist

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A lot


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Hello, <insert name here>, welcome to my user page! I am a former and administrator and bureaucrat on LEGO Wiki. Although, I used to make frequent contributions on this wiki, my activity is far more limited in recent years, due to changes in my life. Nonetheless, I may occasionally check this site and make critical edits.


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About me: I am a high school student currently enrolled at an Engineering and Design Academy, majoring in Civil Engineering. Outside school, I am a big TFOL (Teen Fan of LEGO) who collects LEGO sets and minifigures from various themes. I have been a contributor on this Wiki since July 4 of 2013, getting countless low quality pages to Class 1 status, creating multiple new pages, and creating LEGO pages for custom sets, minifigures, themes, and video games on this wiki.

Favorite Ninjago character: Zane

Favorite DC Comics character: Batman Beyond

Favorite Marvel character: Doctor Strange

Favorite Star Wars character: Stormtrooper

Alignment: Anti-hero

Allies: BENNYtheAVENGER, Sky-Pirate Doubloon, Josephyr, Xsizter, LEGOFan999, Marty mcoy, PixelFox666, Wilkj2014, Basil Karlo, Rath primus, Legansbricks, VesperalLight, ToaMatau2004, Spiner wu, BrownieBunny101, Legobraveheroboy, BubbleBomber, Dark Yada, Legofanyoda1547, Unt3RdRück3R, Thatstinkyguy, LegoI3rickI3uilder

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This user was Brickipedian of the Month in September 2015
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