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aka Manu

  • I live in Munich
  • I was born on March 20
  • I am Masculin

Welcome <insert name here>. Here I few information about myself.
I started building lego set when I was a 7 years old child, and never stoped.

[[File:Manu Lego|250px]]

Manu aka Manu74 aka Rigolax21




French living in Germany

My Customs:

ManuZ Bick World : [Link]

Custom Theme 1:

Ancient Rome

Custom Theme 2:

Moon Squad

My Customs

I started building my own customs (MOCs) several years ago only, using mainly the Lego Digital Designer.
MY preferred MOC Theme until now is Ancient Rome, for which I made several sets and minifigs.

Cover - Ave Cesar Colysee01 Temple Minerva 01 Camp Romain 01 Galea Romana 02

Another Theme I tried to develop earlier was the Moon Squad, a space Marines unit based on the Moon.

Moon Squad AAGC - Cover Moon Squad - Air Patrol - cover APC - Space Marines - cover Moon Squad Assault Speeder Cover

Official Lego Themes I´m interested in

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