While, here i am, ten year old gabriel mazzone. My fav. themes in order are

Castle(2013), Chima, Ninjago, Galaxy Squad, Star Wars, Creator, Minifigures, Lone Ranger, Pirates, Classic Space, Super Heroes, City, Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, Dragon Masters, Knights Kingdom, Castle(2007), Vikings, TROLLS, ha ha ha!.

My favourite minifigure from these top 5 themes

Castle 2013 - The Dragon, Ninjago - Acidicus, Galaxy Squad - Mantizoid Larvae, Chima - Gorzan, Minifigures - And From the lego movie, Lord Buisness

Fvourite Sets

Biggest Set I Own - Epic Dragon Battle, Favourite set I own - Dragon Mountain, Favourite Set Ever - Kings Castle, Smallest Set i own - TC-14, Favourite Small set Ever - Forest Ambush.

My Oldest Sets

My First Bought by me set - Bricks and More set, My Oldest Set - Town Fire Station, My second ever lego set - Aquabase Invasion.

My Latest Set

- The wizard battle and ewars acro fighter

Thats All For Now!!