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MeikoBot is a bot primarily tasked with logging wiki chat on Brickipedia. The bot is operated by Sactage and ToaMeiko and has been logging chat since June 2013. For a list of recent chat logs, see Brickipedia:Chat/Logs. For a list of commands that can be used with MeikoBot see chatbot documentation. <chat />

Aside from logging chat, MeikoBot is capable of performing on-the-wiki maintenance, cleanup, and other various fixes to articles. Common uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Find and replace text on pages
  • Add templates and categories to pages
  • Remove templates and categories from pages
  • Fix content in articles per Manual of Style
  • Fix very minor coding flaws


The following table documents different commands and their uses with MeikoBot in chat:

Developer Commands
Command Function Notes
 !sreload Reloads the settings file. n/a
 !remind <length> > <message> Reminds a user in a specified time. n/a
 !version Gives info about current git version. n/a
 !reloadextra Reloads the extra commands file. n/a
 !tell <username> <message> Tells a user a message when they next join chat. n/a
 !restart Refreshes the bot's connection to chat n/a
Admin and Mod Commands
Command Function Notes
 !seenon Temporarily enables the seen command. Enabled by default.
 !quit Makes the bot quit chat. This is normally available to all moderators and administrators, but can and will be restricted to Sactage only if the need arises.
 !updated Gives statistics on when the on-wiki logs were last updated. Not enabled unless chat logging is enabled.
 !unignore <username> Unignore a user n/a
 !updatelogs Writes logs to the current on-wiki logs page. Not enabled unless chat logging is enabled.
 !dumpbuffer Dumps the current log buffer to disk. Only useful for debugging purposes. Not enabled unless chat logging is enabled
 !seenoff Temporarily disables the seen command. Enabled by default.
 !ignore <username> Ignore a user n/a
 !ytoff Temporarily disables automatic Youtube link data fetching. Not enabled by default.
 !status Gives infomation on how long the bot has been running, number of reconnections, and how long it has been since the bot has reconnected. n/a
 !test Tests to see if the bot is connected to chat. n/a
 !yton Temporarily enables automatic Youtube link data fetching. Not enabled by default.
 !kick <username> Kicks the specified user from chat. n/a
General commands
Command Function Notes
 !devs Outputs a list of the current chat bot developers. n/a
 !seen <username> Says when the user was last seen n/a
 !logs Provides a link to the on-wiki logs page. Not enabled unless chat logging is enabled.
 !commands Provides a link to the list of chat bot commands n/a

Further Information

Any bugs, requests or other needs regarding this bot should be made to ToaMeiko.

This bot holds both bot and sysop user permissions. The reason it holds sysop rights is so that it can edit the MediaWiki namespace to place chat logs there. When the logs are held in the MediaWiki namespace, they can not be edited or modified in any way by non-sysop users, thus making them secure and more trustworthy.

For a list of chat bot commands, see #Documentation.

This bot creates logs based on the wiki's time zone (UTC), therefore logs will be placed on the default date and time that the wiki is set to.

The original chat bot source code for this bot was originally created by TheMachine.Wiki, and now runs on a client made by Sactage.

MeikoBot's avatar was made by CM4Sci in LEGO Digital Designer.


If this bot is malfunctioning and causing direct harm to the wiki, use the button below to shut it down. It is highly advised that instead of shutting it down yourself, you contact ToaMeiko about it. This bot should never be out of control, as it is directly monitored constantly, and does not perform any tasks that could potentially cause harm to the wiki.

Stop x nuvola
Emergency robot shutdown button.

To Do

  • Fix categorization on new log pages
  • Fix occasional bug where !seen says "just now" when that is not correct. (Unknown cause)
  • Fix !dumpbuffer to work for moderators
  • With the !seen command, divide the last seen time into days in times greater than 48 hours
  • Allow YouTube information to work with URLs
  • Done - Fix Brickipedia:Chat/Logs

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Bot approval certification

Registration date: 01:15, June 29, 2013
Approval date: 01:16, June 29, 2013
Approved by: Ajraddatz
Purpose: Log wiki chat


The Battle of the Bots — by Awesomeknight1234, depicting MeikoBot and LUWikiBot
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