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Hello, <insert name here>

I am CheetahBricks, but you can just call me Cheetah, and I gladly welcome you, Sir/Madam <insert name here> to my userpage! If you need help of any sort, I can help you because I like LEGO's as much as the next user. However, if I can't, then ask an Administrator, if you will. In my spare time if I am not active on the wiki, I might be washing the dishes, celebrating my great-great-great grandpa's birthday, play LEGO Minifigures Online, or just be sleeping on the bed. I have plenty of experience and will either be:

Adding Categories
Editing homepage and other articles
Making pages
Chatting on chat
Other stuff

P.S - Please note that you can edit in the Awards and Friends section only! And happy new year to all! Let's make this a great 2015!



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Feel free to put your name below!

Note: I will be retiring from Brickipedia and might not edit again. I will time to time see how this wiki progressed in the time since I was/will be gone. I wish you all a fine farewell.

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