My custom SWAT truck.

Me as a minifig

My Custom Police Station

About me

I am a kid who enjoys playing with City and Agents LEGOs. I also love building custom LEGOs from my personal collection of spare bricks. Although I sometimes dismantle my custom items when I am done using them, I do take pictures of them which I will post in the near future.

Custom Items

Most of these are vehicles because I am obsessed with cars.

  • LEGO Agents Dr. Inferno's Armed Propeller Craft. I made this with the hovercraft from 8637 Mission 8: Volcano Base and the plane from 8635 Mission 6: Mobile Command Center.
  • Custom Police Station. I made this using only the 7237 Police Station (incidentally, of the non-light-up minifigure variety) and two 2x3 doors. (Note the Stormtroopers and photographer in the lower right-hand corner.)
  • Lego SuperRig truck. A 10-stud-wide truck, built to accomodate minifigs. It is larger than any City truck made except 7998 Heavy Hauler.
  • SWAT team truck. It holds up to 4 police officers and 8 brickarms. A picture will be up soon.

Other hobbies

In addition to LEGOs, I also enjoy astronomy, collecting (actually collecting, not playing with) Hot Wheels, and HO scale model railroading. (LEGOs are the best though!)

My Sets







Coast Guard






World City


Space Police III

Star Wars





Star Wars




Tiny Turbos

My favorite Sets

  • 7470 Space Shuttle Discovery. One of the biggest sets I own. Even though I didn't build it all (my grandfather helped a lot), still one of the coolest sets! I have it on display, as it is a little too fragile to play with.
  • 7898 Cargo Train Deluxe. As I said, I like model railroads and LEGOs. Trains + LEGOs = awesome. This one goes around the tree at Christmas and around my city the rest of the year.
  • 7734 Cargo Plane. This one is fun to play with, along with 7733 Truck & Forklift.
  • 8634 Mission 5: Turbocar Chase. This set is awesome because I love cars, and this is the coolest car LEGO ever made. I love the missiles and pop-up guns. It is just like James Bond's custom Aston Martin DB7. The helicopter is sweet too. I also like the special noise brick. (Loud, annoying things are much more fun than quiet toys when you're a kid.)

My least favorite Sets

These sets are still fun, but LEGO has done much better.

  • 8970 Robo Attack. This one is very hard to play with because it doesn't stand up. Really. It literally falls over all the time.

My favorite pages

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