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Power Jim

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on January 1
  • My occupation is Digital Designer
  • I am Male
Power Jim
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Welcome Guest!!

Hey! I'm Power Jim and welcome to my profile page. I am a chat-mod and regularly on Brickipedia, I'm also partially running the Custom Cadets. Come and join if wish. Also yes, I build customs and I'm a friendly user and have been here a while so feel free to ask me questions related to LEGO or Brickipedia on my talk page. Please feel free to browse around!

Power Jim

Working Projects (aka Customs)

Seatron 2 (Sequels name still in-the-works) 80% done

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-- Power Jim

Power Jim

Power Jim Talk Embrace the power!

Power Jim Talk Blogz09:39, 3/5/2012 (current signature)


My favorite sites

  • Power miners wiki
  • Lego/Power
  • Lego/Alien


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