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About me

Hi! My name is Powerminerzilla on this site because I like Godzilla and Lego Power Miners. I am trying to collect all the Power Miners sets. Just need the 8190 Claw Catcher and 8191 Lavatraz. I even have 8907 Rock Hacker, 8908 Monster Launcher, and the Power Miners Polybag. I can't wait for more 2010 sets!!!!

New Updates

  • I finally saw the Clutch Powers movie! I am kinda disapointed, though. Not much Power Miners or City or Agents, but mostly Castle. If you're a castle fan, this is a great movie.
  • There is a new power miners game online called Lava Showdown!. In it, you are a silver miner, trying to capture Lava Monsters with small cages. So that means there isn't a power miners video game...yet.

Favorite themes

Before Power miners, my favorite theme was Bionicle, but mainly the Barraki. And the Piraka. But I also like Aqua Raiders, Atlantis, Indiana Jones, and many other themes. But now I collect Power Miners. I have every Power Miners merchindise, including the monster keychains, the watch, the polybag and the promo sets! Now that's an addiction!

Power Miners

Summer 2010 sets

There has been alot of talk about a large wave of new PM sets in summer 2010. Here is a list of them:

  • Flame Machine
  • Miner Jet
  • Miner Steam Locomotive
  • Rock Excavator
  • Magma Tall Crane
  • Lava Queen
  • Miner Bachoe
  • Miner Drill
  • Miner Helicopter
  • Magma Lifeboat
  • Rock Dump Truck
  • Miner's Tractor
  • Magma Cutters
  • Magma Gun
  • Magmacopter
  • Lava Digger
  • Fire Train
  • Crystal Contaminator

I didn't list 3847 Magma Monster because it is a set in the LEGO Games series.

Flame Machine and Lava Queen

  • Flame Machine: I don't remember where this information is from, but the Flame Machine is to be realeased in August 2010, 177 pieces, $19.99, Vehicle #13, a silver miner, a lava monster, and has a catipillar-like structure. This could be made up, but for now it remains a mystery.
  • Lava Queen: In the Clutch Powers trailer, the orange Crystal King cannot be the Lava Queen because it has a rock monster head. If it was the lava queen, it would have a spikey lava monster's head. It is most likely a type of rock monster king. I think it was Eurobricks that said the queen's name is Eruptorra, but that name sounds to close to Eruptorr.


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