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  • I live in Finland
  • I was born on July 1
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Epic dragon

Epic dragons are epic.


Stromrunner Teaser picture

Ninjago SG

Ninjago: Second Generation logo!

Rage Quitter

Rople the videogame Rage Quitter

Mini Temple Of Fortitude

Temple Of Fortitude, Mini version!

A new profile pic hooray

Me building stuff

Zhard prototype image

A Low-Quality prototype image of Zhard


Final Version of Zhard

Oh hello there Guest. I'm the creator of Ninjago:The Unfolded Series. I'm updating the pages always when I can. Thanks for stopping by!


  • The Final Battle sets are now in design phase!
  • Rople has made 4 lucky edits. What a lucky man!
  • Ninjago: The Unfolded Series Main Antagonist is called Archeus or Ultimate Evil Robot Dragon God Archeus
  • Stormrunner sets are coming in 2016!
  • Rople has reached 1,000 edits!
  • It is the 3rd anniversary of Ninjago: The Unfolded Series!
  • Videogame is now in early development.

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