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Hi and welcome to my Userpage, I'm SKP4472 an Active Administrator here at Brickipedia. You can also find me on Brick Reviews and LEGO Wikianswers. I have been a member of Brickipedia since 16th July 2010 and a member of Wikia since 28th June 2010. I was a collector of LEGO Star Wars and had been collecting from 2008-2010, however I stopped buying any sets after the summer of 2010. I have had sets from other LEGO Themes in the past too, such as Rock Raiders, Space Port, Airport, Police and more. I have also got a fair amount of the Kelloggs promotional Adventurers sets as I have six Johnny Thunder minifigures. My first LEGO Star Wars set was 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer. I make my own Brickfilms and MOCs too. If you wish to view my MOCs then click here. By the way I noticed that some Users have nicknames or abreviations of their Usernames, so please feel free to refer me by SKP or Skipper.

Feel free to post comments and ask questions on 'my talk page'.

SKP4472 Talk 13,998 Edits! Devoted Editor of Brickipedia

My Contributions to Brickipedia

Here at Brickipedia I have made edits, but the most significant things I have done to improve Brickipedia is by doing the following:

  • Adding descriptions to set articles.
  • Adding Minifigure Gallery's to almost every Star Wars article.
  • Adding Minifigure Gallery's to All World Racers article's.
  • Adding Minifigure Gallery's to most of the Power Miners article's.
  • Adding Minifigure Gallery's to some of the Harry Potter article's.
  • Replacing <br/> with {{si}} in the Theme section to quite a few article's.
Did you know?
  • I edited here at Brickipedia on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2010.
  • I created the 12,500th article here at Brickipedia.
  • I became an Administrator on 19th January 2011. Thanks to everyone who supported me and voiced their opinion!
  • I have edited over 2,100 articles here at Brickipedia!
  • I created the 13,500th article here at Brickipedia.
  • It will be my One Year Brick-iversary in -3362 days.
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My current custom signature

SKP4472 Talk 13,998 Edits! Devoted Editor of Brickipedia

My first custom signature, used from 18th September 2010-15th October 2010

SKP4472 Talk 13,998 Edits! Devoted Editor of Brickipedia


Cligra smiled at you! Smiles help promote WikiLove and spread friendship all over Brickipedia. It's always a good idea to relax when the editing gets rough, and sending out a smile or two over the intertubes is an easy and heart-warming way to stay calm.

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Articles I created


Please note that this may be outdated!

The articles in the scroll box below were created by myself. These articles include those on the mainspace and off the mainspace such as templates.

Articles with links, I created.

Brickipedia Mainspace

Alien Conquest

  1. Alien Conquest
  2. 7049 Alien Striker
  3. 7050 Alien Defender
  4. 7051 Tripod Invader
  5. 7052 UFO Abduction
  6. 7065 Alien Mothership
  7. 7066 Earth Defense HQ
  8. 7067 TBA

Bricks and More

  1. 6117 Doors & Windows
  2. 6119 Roof Tiles
  3. 4237348 Black Lunchbox
  4. 4493792 Salt and Pepper Shakers
  5. 852214 Salt and Pepper Shakers
  6. 852445 Gold Brick Key Chain


  1. 3085 Race Action

Harry Potter

  1. K4706 Harry Potter Collection


  1. 272 Dressing table with mirror

LEGO Writing

  1. 1515 Classic Pen Series 1
  2. 1516 Decoder Pen Series 1
  3. 1517 Hieroglyph Pen Series 1
  4. 1518 Race Pen Series 1
  5. 1710 Pen R2-D2
  6. 1712 Pen Anakin Skywalker
  7. 1713 Pen Jango Fett
  8. 1727 Pen Chewbacca
  9. 1728 Pen Darth Maul


  1. Part 3626bpx31
  2. Part x231px1 (11th June 2011)
  3. Part 3068bpx32 (11th June 2011)
  4. Part 3069bpx44 (11th June 2011)


  1. 8461 Williams F1 Team Racer

Star Wars

  1. 7915 Imperial V-wing Starfighter
  2. 7929 Battle of Naboo
  3. 852346 LEGO Star Wars T-shirt 2008 Yoda


  1. 4056 Color Light
  2. 4057 Spot Light


  1. 4271170 Yoda Carabiner Pen


  1. 6313 Crossroads
  2. 6477 Firefighter's Lift Truck

Brickipedia Templates

  1. Template:Underage


Starting from 11th June 2011:

  1. Inventory:7101 Lightsaber Duel (5th December 2010)
  2. Part x231px1 (11th June 2011)
  3. Part 3068bpx32 (11th June 2011)
  4. Part 3069bpx44 (11th June 2011)
  5. Woman (1st July 2011)
  6. Pet Shop owner (1st July 2011)
  7. Girl (1st July 2011)
  8. Painter (1st July 2011)
  9. Template:Inventory Details (22nd July 2011)
  10. Template:Outbacksets (18th August 2011)
  11. Template:Diverssets (18th August 2011)
  12. Battle for Hogwarts (26th August 2011)
  13. Virtual Castle (26th August 2011)
  14. Template:CSS (5th September 2011)
  15. Template:Chatmoderator (11th September 2011)
  16. Template:Quality Check Group Member (11th September 2011)
  17. Template:Rollback (11th September 2011)
  18. Template:Article Top (29th September 2011)
  19. 7101 Lightsaber Duel/Instructions (29th September 2011)
Set Inventories I created
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