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The Piraka 2006

Secret Bob

I am Secret Bob. I also work on 3 other wikis,

Avatar Wiki,MLN wiki,and Nitrome wiki(maybe nitrome).


I am 10 years old and i live in the USA I LOVE to collect LEGOS.Specifically the Bionicles. I started collecting LEGOS when I was about 4 or 5 years old.The first Lego I ever built was a Matoran From Voya Nui called Kazi. I love to work on the BIONICLE pages.

My Favorite Bionicle is the third pic.
CGI Toa Mata Nui Titan

Toa Mata Nui Titan

Schools here it'll be tough to edit! Now im gonna work alot on the weekends! So now i will be semi active



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