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aka Sir REX

  • I live in The Kingdom of Dotnia
  • My occupation is Professional hero
  • I am ROBOT

About me

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My favorite pages

  • Bionicle
  • Favorite page #2
  • Favorite page #3

Custom Themes

Custom Non-theme sets

Current LEGO Related Goals

Aquire all of the Snake Generals: 2/5 Complete

Aquire all of the Snake Staffs for the Snake Generals: 2/4 complete (Fangpyre and Constrictai remaining)

Aquire all of the Fang Blades for the Snake Generals: 1/4 complete

Aquire all NRG Ninjas: 2/4 complete (NRG Jay and NRG Zane remaining)

Make an army of HoMM Knight troops: 0/6 complete

Make the upgrades for previously mentioned troops: 0/5 complete

2012 sets I plan to get


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