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  • I live in Mixel' Space
  • My occupation is Building Lego/Watching Mixels/Chatting With Friends and being bored in school(duh)
  • I am Male

I love lego. Here are my 5 favourite themes - in order!

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- Favourite is Lego Legends of Chima! BEST THEME EVER better than any other theme lego made! The awesome torsos, parts, Animal Headpieces, espically the Lion, Scorpion, Spider, Mammoth and Sabre Tooth head pieces! Best storyline, best characters! 100% LOVE IT!

2nd fav is Classic Space! All i have of it is a Yellow Spaceman, but i make lots of Mocs, and i will get the Exo Suit! Green Spaceman!!!!!! I LUV CLASSIC SPACE!

3rd fav is Ninjago. Its a AWESOME THEME! Great villans, Great suits,mAWESOME PLAY SETS AND PLAY FEATURES(my favourite part of a set), you cant go wrong about this theme!

4th fav is MIXELS! Creativeness is endless with these adorable creatures! Woo Hoo! GO MIXELS!!!:D.

And 5th fav is .......... Lego IDEAS and The Lego Movie! 2! Couldnt choose, so Both! Im not a fan of Ghostbusters, And, a secret(It scares me). Thats why. iT scares me and gave me 3 week nightmares. I Love the Exo Suit, though! Female Minifig set, eh, too girly and weird. Not gettin that one.

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