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Hi. I'm Tbkc. I started editing Wiki sometime around March or April 2013. I started on the Wiki for Phineas and Ferb, my favorite show. I just wanted to see all the new episodes planned. But on the page, I noticed some incorrect info. I quickly edited it. And thus my Wikia journey started. I soon spread out to other Wiki's like Club Penguin Wiki, Brickipedia (Lego wiki), Wookiepedia (Star Wars Wiki). I have tried MANY others, but these listed above are the ones I go on most.

How I was introduced to Legos

I had always played the the big, bulky Duplos as a small child, but for my sixth birthday, I got my first normal-sized Lego set. The 7890 Ambulance. I had no idea what the stickers were for and threw away the sheet. I had never known that tiny Legos existed.For the first week or so, I don't remember why but I refused to build it. I made my mom build it for me and when she finished it I would play with it for an hour and then take it apart so she could build it again. For Christmas a few months after my birthday, my parents showed me a Toys-R-us catalog so I could circle stuff I want. I circled an ad for Legos. So for Christmas, i got three more sets. The 7236 Police Car, the 7942 Off-Road Fire Rescue, and the 7891 Airport Firetruck. And that's how I started my Lego Collection.

My favorite pages

  • Mars Mission This is my absolute favorite Lego theme. Here's why. My Grandma and Grandpa always come to bring my family presents at Christmastime. Usually they begin buying Christmas presents in January and pick something up if they think it looks cool and by the time it's December they're already done shopping and won't get you anything off the list, which overall results in you returning it. But this year was different. Well, not really. It was a few days after the Christmas mentioned above, where I got the three City Sets. But anyway, Grandma and Grandpa had gotten me the 7695 MX-11 Astro Fighter. I didn't really want anything that wasn't in the City theme so I threw it in the return pile. My mom was at work and was gonna do the returns afterwards, but when I looked at the box again I noticed the green alien in the set. I immediately incinerated the box, virtually ripping it to shreds. I built the little ship and It became my fifth Lego set. I played with it with the City theme, though. Sometime the next year, I saw the 7693 ETX Alien Strike. I wanted it. So I got it, and over two years I also got the 7694 MT-31 Trike, the 7648 MT-21 Mobile Drilling Unitand many others. I still got MANY City sets, I just am listing mars Mission down here. Anyway, I was determined to get all the sets, and now, six years later, I have all except four. I do not have the 7690 MB-01 Eagle Command Base, 7649 MT-201 Ultra-Drill Walker, the 7699 MT-101 Armoured Drilling Unit, nor the 7645 MT-61 Crystal Reaper. I am still striving for them, though.
  • Galaxy Squad Just recently I started to like this Theme, and it's already one of my favorites. Just the fact that EVERY Galaxy Squad vehicle except for two splits in half. and the amazing detail on the bugs. I only have a few of these sets, but from my experience of E Bay shopping for Mars mission and Power Miners, I know it's a lot smarter to get them while they are still in stores because prises raise like CRAZY when they're collector's items.
  • Power Miners I have loved this theme since it's debut. I loved that the villains of the theme are just really cute and don't have any weapons. I have a little bit lower than half the sets, but I don't have many big sets though.

So that's it. Tbkc is out, Peace!

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