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  • I live in California, USA
  • I was born on May 2
  • My occupation is student
CVN logo Counter-Vandalism Network
The Counter-Vandalism Network is an official network of users voluntarily combating spam and vandalism across Wikimedia projects and Wikia.

As a volunteer of CVN, you can receive access to tools which assist you in your counter-vandalism efforts. Such tools include:

  • a network of CVN channels on Freenode
  • specialized CVN bots to relay possible spam or vandalism
  • a whole team of volunteers for assistance

Many users participating in Counter-Vandalism efforts also use tools from the Fandom Open Source library to assist in their efforts.

Note: CVN volunteers are not official Fandom volunteers (VSTF, Helpers, etc.) and should not be treated as such. These users are simply those who volunteer their time to help keep Wikia spam and vandalism-free.

WLB-English EN | English Brigadier
This user is a Wikia Language Brigadier for the English language.
The Wikia Language Brigade is a voluntary project by Fandom users to help translate their own and other communities on in the many available languages. You can request translations and corrections from our Brigadiers (project members). Read more of our background story on this page.

Being Project Member: Advantages

  • We're a fun and active team you'd definitely like working together with.
  • You get your name "out there" and may attract contributors for your own wiki.
  • Your effort will give chances to communities that need a helping hand.

The Wikia Language Brigade can always use extra members! All you need to do to join, is putting your username and language level on the memberlist for English or other languages. Any further questions? Read up on the FAQ or contact the project leader.

Wikia Language Brigade
The Wikia Language Brigade is a project by Fandom users, "Language Brigadiers", who translate and correct things on request for wikis. This includes wiki articles, but also source material and images. All you need to do is drop a request on one of our two request pages, to which you can go by clicking one of the buttons below.

Do you feel like joining too? If you know only English, you can just join to be an English corrector on this page. If you know more languages: feel free to join any of the other languages, which are listed in the category Brigadiers. Additionally, you can also directly contact Yatalu, the founder of the project.

Request translation  Request correction

I am Dakota - a Wikia Language Brigadier. I was likely here correcting grammar and spelling on behalf of a request to the WLB, cleaning up spam/vandalism as a CVN response, or making technical edits.
If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to contact me locally, or on my WLB Message Wall.

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