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Interesting Facts

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My LEGO Life

Lego Agents.jpg This user collected Agents LEGO.
Alienconquestlogo1.jpg This user collected Alien Conquest LEGO.
Tn bionicle png.png This user collects BIONICLE LEGO.
City-logo.gif This user collects City LEGO.
MinifigsLogo.png This user collects Collectable Minifigures.
Exo-Force.png This user collected Exo-Force LEGO.
Legogameslogo.jpg This user collects LEGO Games.
Jack Stone - Logo.jpg This user collected Jack Stone LEGO.
Knight's Kingdom II-Logo.png
This user collected Knights' Kingdom II LEGO.

Mars Mission.png This user collected Mars Mission LEGO.
Lego lotr.jpg This user collects The Lord of the Rings LEGO.
MonsterFightersLogo.png This user collects Monster Fighters LEGO.
Fullscreen capture 612011 43358 PM.bmp.jpg This user wishes that Seatron LEGO had been made.
SHLogo.png This user collects Super Heroes LEGO.
SP3 userbox (new).jpg This user collected Space Police III LEGO.
Sportslogo.jpg This user collected Sports LEGO.
LEGO Star Wars Blue Logo.png This user collects Star Wars LEGO.
World Racers Logo.png This user collected World Racers LEGO.
Pic8DF9195066F31D103AE84D9CFA227C5C.png This user collects Heroica LEGO.

4578-1.jpg This user collected Xalax LEGO.
Passenger 3181.png This user is male.
50px-Wiki.png This user is a member of the Brickipedia Games Wiki.
Cuusoo.gif This user is a member of LEGO CUUSOO and their username is Builderboy.
Brickpumpkin-052.png This user also has a LEGO.com ID.
Movie 2009-09-04 01-20.png This user thinks BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn was awesome!
Brickmasterlogo.gif This user was a LEGO BrickMaster.
Tumblr n4ct11siIk1tw2318o1 400.png This user enjoys making their own custom LEGO Sets and Minifigures.
Lego Digital brick.gif This user is a LEGO Digital Designer.
Gamer.jpg This user is a LEGO gamer.
Legouniverselogo.jpg This user played LEGO Universe.
Assembly.png This user was a member of Assembly in the MMOG LEGO Universe.
Paradox.png This user was a member of Paradox in the MMOG LEGO Universe.
Sentinel1.png This user was a member of Sentinels in the MMOG LEGO Universe.
Venture1.png This user was a member of Venture League in the MMOG LEGO Universe.
Venture1.png This user was a member of Venture League in the MMOG LEGO Universe.
Skater13.jpg This user is a Teenage Fan of LEGO.
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