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  • Rollback
  • Patroller

Article Maintenance

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Stuff I do

  • Fix broken Apple devices.
  • dev...
  • Create custom images.
  • other...
  • Wikis!

Experience in

  • Moderating - Moderated on my personal site, and volunteer mod on LEGO Universe Creation Lab.
  • Administrative, elocution, and Business - Co-founder of a company.

Hello there, I am Zaersk (Zay - ur - sk).

I've been here quite a while, and my main goal has always remained the same: help others and make this site the most reliable source for information on LEGO products. :) I am currently a Rollback and Patroller. And currently working my way to get sysop and QCG rights. See you around the wiki!  Zaersk  Talk  Contribs  (MOC) (Blog)

Recent Stuff

  • I just struck 1,000 edits on January 8, 2012. Around 12 noon PST.
  • When I hit my 900 edit mark, I also hit 1,000 achievement points.
  • Two of my rights requests are currently active. One here, another one here.
  • I am currently fixing up some of these articles. (RCX accessories section done)
  • I fought a vandal war today (04:13, January 3, 2012 (UTC)). o.e
  • Just just struck 500 edits today. (00:59, December 31, 2011 (UTC))

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MOC Gallery (excerpt from here)

Articles I Created

  1. LEGO Photo (App)
  2. LEGO DUPLO Jams
  3. Review:1272 Turbo Racer
  4. Review:1273 Red Four Wheel Driver
  5. Review:1282 Blue Shark
  6. Review:1283 Red Four Wheel Driver
  7. Review:1284 Green Buggy
  8. Review:1285 Yellow Tiger
  9. Review:6519 Turbo Tiger
  10. Review:6602 Scorpion Buggy
  11. Review:6616 Rocket Dragster
  12. Review:6617 Tough Truck Rally
  13. Review:6707 Speed Buggy
  14. Review:6713 Grip 'n' Go Challenge
  15. Review:6714 Speed Dragster
  16. Review:5903 Johnny Thunder and Baby T
  17. Review:1279 Cunningham's Dinofinder
  18. Review:1280 Microcopter
  19. Review:1281 Mike's Dinohunter
  20. Review:5911 Johnny Thunder's Plane
  21. Review:5912 Mike's Swamp Boat
  22. 586511997 Vernier Let's Go! Investigating Temperature

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