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I am sorry for all the arguments and comments on "The Army of Amset Ra sign ups". When i joined brickipedia at the end of december 2009 I used to come on brickipedia with an excitement that seemed to come up in me, I tried to make articles much better, that was my main focus as well as to have fun. But the Achievement badges made me want to get more points and be the "top" brickipedian with the most points and for a while I succeeded for a while but now when you struggle to get more points the excitement of editing stops and seeing other users signing up on Agent Trace's blog and Amset Ra's blog you seem to think "Why did he join that one?" or "Yay he's with us!" Instead of having Amy signing up we could have blogs like new lego sets like Nighthawk Leader had at the end of 2010. That blog seemed one of the highlights of my visits to brickipedia. We could create blogs of "How to have fun on brickipedia". Even if we don't have as many more users joining up because of achievement badges, at least it could lead to having fun. If another user gets ahead of you in achievement badges you seem to dislike them a bit. In my opinion I think we should get rid of the achievement badges and just have fun editing and talking, make a light shine! Lets make brickipedia the most fun and alive wiki there is.

Agent Charge Over, beep, beep, beep.

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