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Alright, Cligra said that I could do this so:

Hello and Welcome to the fourth edition of the Monthly MOC competition results.

Firstly, I think that all of the entries were (and still are) very good and original.

The placing was very hard, especially between the first and second. I'd see a detail on one and think this is so cool. First Place! Then I'd go to the other and think the same thing. Anyway, the winners are:

The Winners

1st place: SuperSpyX with his SuperSpyX's Nintendo DS Lite

Legopics2 001.jpg

In first place we have SuperSpyX!
I think that SuperSpyX's Nintendo DS Lite is awesome. The model has a lots of details, and the colour scheme matches it (I think. I have no idea what a real one looks like.). The model is very original from the others, which is good. I think that it was built in a very creative way. Good job SuperSpyX!

2nd place: CM4S with his CM4S's Mario World Select


Closely followed by SuperSpyX,. in second place is CM4S.
This was very close to being first. I really like the details on this, and every time I'd examine the picture, I'd see some new awesome feature. The model was also very original. Good job CM4S!

3rd place: Br1ck animat0r with his "Beating the High-Score"


Third place fell for Br1ck animat0r.
I have to say that I think that his model is extraordinary. I really liked the bear and the chimp, as well as the building and all its details. The model was very original. Good job Br1ck animat0r!


As always, the winners can use this shiny template:

{{user contest|August}}

This month

The topic for next month is Star Wars.

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