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Let's get ready!

Hi, I'm the director, it's a very nice ending for you to see here but here we go, tape 1, " The Missile of Christmas ". " Hey Bob, what ya doin' "? Bob: Just finishing up my Missile of Christmas. Randomz: Awesome, so when will it... Bob: be done? aha, not for a while, but santa will love it! Randomz: Not.. such.. a great.. idea... Bob: Why not? Randomz: Well, Santa is at the North Pole, it's not like he has a ship to fly right in hyper-space all the way here, even if he did, his Reindeer would be so sleepy! Commander Akamichi: Alright guys, time to get cooking. Sergeant Man: Wait, then what are you doing? Commander Akamichi: Did I ask for any questions? No, now be quiet! Alright men, any questions. George Washington: Hello men, I am here to lead you to war! Commander Akamichi: What?!?! Hey, get outta here! George Washington: Aw man, why you guys hate meh.. Lincoln: Let's go, George, they do not know what they're talkin' about... Commander Akamichi: Sorry for that wei-- Lincoln: How dare you be insulting us! Commander Akamichi: wei-rdd... What the? You should of left already! Lincoln: Ah', good-bye and merry Christmas! All: You too, Lincoln! General Tweet: Hey guys, let's all set up decorations and cook! All: Yes, sir, sir! Commander Akamichi: Bu-.. how? General Tweet: That's not important, so let's go to the movies while they work. Randomz: Oh my god, it's Santa Clones! YAY!

Later On at the Movies...

Bob: Ugh, this thing is broken, I'm gonna go test out my catapult since I ate so much sugar! Commander Akamichi & General Tweet head to the movies on there pods... Bob: * Jumps on Catapult * WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Commander Akamichi: Did you hear anything? General Tweet: Nope, now let's ride! Commander Akamichi: What movie shall we see? General Tweet: Hmm, let's see Clone Rider, seems like an awesome movie. Let's head back, this movie was a waste of time!

Later On Back at the Base

Commander Akamichi: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! The base is on fire and Santa will be here in 5 minutes. General Tweet: Seems fun to watch it burn. -Commander Akamichi Slaps General Tweet- Later on... -Santa Arrives- HO-HO-HO! Santa: Uh, what happened jolly here? Akamichi: We were at the movies and we don't know! Santa: I can fix that up, watch. -Snaps Finger- -Base Turns Normal All Decorate- Bob: I made it back! WOAH, AWESOME OH MY, SANTA, -SITS ON LAP-. Santa: What would you like for Christmas? Bob: I would like Santa! Santa: Ho-ho-ho, I'm right here! Bob: SANTA! -hugs-

The End...

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