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Awesomeknight1234 Awesomeknight1234 18 January 2014

Agents Roleplay

Well, I guess I need to get into the fad. I got this idea from Kahuka, a brilliant idea that is very fun (for me, at least.) I also got some inspiration due to the fact Agents is coming back.

  • Users will be killed. Yes, characters will be allowed to be killed off, but you need to get their permission first, unless you are that character.. Suicide is fun!
  • Users will be jailed. As this is an Agents thing, there's lots of jailing. Bad guys using hostages, agents capturing bad guys. Yeah. Breakouts are also allowed. :P
  • Godmodding will not be allowed. Making yourself invincible isn't fun. You gotta make bad things happen to you to make it more entertaining!
  • Villains other than Inferno's dudes are allowed. Just read this. You can make your own bad gu…

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Awesomeknight1234 Awesomeknight1234 8 January 2014

Unreleased Building Contest

No, this building contest is not unreleased... ...it's just a contest about Europa and Seatron. Same rules as usual and crap. You can use your own imagination, too, as long as it works with what the theme would have been. Don't recreate the unreleased sets that were showcased, though.

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Awesomeknight1234 Awesomeknight1234 11 December 2013

Merry Blobmas Everyone!

While some people may be celebrating Christmas, not all of us are Christians. I'm a Blobist. On December 25th, I celebrate Blobmas. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with Blobmas, it is a celebration of the day Lord Blobby Himself created the brick alongside Ole Kirk Christiansen. Now, some traditions on Blobmas is to say your Blob-Prayers, thanking Him for giving us thy brick. Also, on the day before, Gorm goes into your house and gives you gifts of Blobby proportions. On Blobmas, you must also go out into the world and invite orphans, the homeless, the poor, and the hungry to come into your house. Thank you for learning my culture, and maybe one day, you shall celebrate Blobmas, too!

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Awesomeknight1234 Awesomeknight1234 8 December 2013

Just an update

I'm sorry to tell you guys this, but I will not be making Brickipedia comics. After something recent happening, I've decided to start a comic series that I've been planning for a while. It's gonna be fantasy themed and stuff. Anyways, there's still some things I need for this to work. I'm holding a contest for decals. I want decals from LOTR, Castle (2007) or Knights' Kingdom II. They're going to need transparent backgrounds, and be 128x128 in size. I have some templates for . If I use your decals, you will be credited, or maybe even have a medieval-version cameo. Get creating!

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Awesomeknight1234 Awesomeknight1234 28 November 2013

Meiko's Birthday

Um... It's Meiko's birthday.. ..eat lots of food, I guess...

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