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Okay, so recently we saw a trailer and gameplay for the upcoming Minifigures MMO. Well, these are my thoughts. I really think this looks cool so far, especially the worlds. I freaking love that ogre! I hope we get a figure for that sometime, but I doubt it. :3 Hades looks cool, and skeleton warriors are bringing me some nostalgia. The trailer made me think a lot about LEGO Universe and, "whoa, this might be better than Chima." But then we got gameplay footage. Sadly, it isn't in the standard 3rd Person view like in LU, but a view more like in Chima MMO. >_> Same with controls, you don't use arrow keys, you click, which looks annoying. For other bad things, those unknown orc-looking things look cool, but I think they're supposed to be satyrs. :S I don't know how they could sell it to us that those are actually satyrs. I also find it annoying you can only use minifigures from the theme as characters, and you can't design characters with their parts and weapons. Hopefully this might change. Though I will still play it, as it still looks freaking awesome. What's your thoughts?

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