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Berrybrick Berrybrick 6 February 2014

The Politician

What use is a martyr's dying breath to motivate an apathetic crowd when you are neither a martyr or dying?

I'm not going to argue the block. The reasons were fair enough. The global part of it was a little perplexing, but whatever. Even stranger to my tastes was the "admin swipe." I'd understand if mine were removed (even though I had still been using them to delete vandal pages I saw) but it only gets worse for me.

Most of you really don't know me that well. My likes, dislikes, and a side or two of my personality, sure. There is some stuff I intentionally don't bring up though. There are too many Brits, city folk, and young people for me to speak openly about my political beliefs, and don't worry, I'm not going to preach to you about the won…

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Berrybrick Berrybrick 20 January 2014


You youngins are always on the Internet and Webox or whatever. You've lost your creativity when building with LEGO. Luckily, this video will help.

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Berrybrick Berrybrick 6 January 2014

The Ramblings of a Flaky Yeti - Year One

I'm trying this again.


I don't watch The Simpsons very often (maybe once every 2-4 years and never when I have control of the remote) but I don't generally enjoy it. Political satire is good though.

Anyway, fairly recently Marvel/Disney slapped Fox and Sony in the face with the success of their Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Sony is busy kissing up to Disney, what does the Fox say? Fox has chosen a groundbreaking direction for their company. They want the money.

Their plan includes releasing more X-Men movies, more Fantastic Four movies, and then smooshing them together to create their own Marvel Cinematic Universe. I just hope that they team-up with Nickelodeon to include the Michael Bay produced (so you know it will be…

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Berrybrick Berrybrick 5 October 2013

Wikia cares

...and they want you to unleash your inner fangirl on this survey. Make sure to only answer truthfully, like I did.

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Berrybrick Berrybrick 30 September 2013

Me Rambles

) Ninjago sets for release next year. My first impressions were that the sets themselves were pretty good, but that the minifigures weren't.

Now that they've sunk in...the sets aren't even that great.

I didn't like Ninjago's first year too much. Nya and Wu were cool figures, and the other regular minifigures weren't bad, but I hated the skeletons (except for Krazi c: ) and their vehicles weren't my favorite. The fire temple though, that was marvelous. The dragons I liked too.

The next year of Ninjago was better. The minifigures (both the ninja and villains) I liked very much (at least most of them). The sets could have done with more architecture, but the snake vehicles I liked.

This entire year reeked of being rushed. The ninjas' costumes (th…

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