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  • Berrybrick

    Harry Potter 2011

    December 24, 2010 by Berrybrick

    Found these while I was browsing brickset. Any ideas on what they might be? Potter&year=2011

    Update: Found these on Toys N Bricks, they are as follows:

    • 4865 The Forbidden Forest (Movie Connection-1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, [and maybe 7th pt2 as it was in the book)
    • 4866 The Night Bus (Movie Connection-3rd)
    • 4867 Battle For Hogwarts (Movie Connection-6th, [or maybe 7th pt2]

    I expect that they will be released with the March release (not exactly a wave). Judging by the size of the boxes (no boxart in the retailer catalog photos I saw on Flickr), It seems that 4865 is the smallest and 4867 is the largest, so I conclude that the Knight Bus probably has somthing more than just the bus, maybe the playground or Leaky Cauldron Entryway? I hope we see some ne…

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  • Berrybrick

    Lego Universe Mode Post

    December 4, 2010 by Berrybrick

    I just have a simple question for those of you who have accesed Lego Universe Mode on Lego Digital Designer, how do you upload your creation onto the Wikia? Thanks.

    Update: Finally got it-

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  • Berrybrick

    I have been wondering if Pharoah's Quest is more anticipated than Adventures was popular. Tell me what you think of the two and which one you think you are more interested in. If you are going to compare minifigures, until we have more names, only compare Johnny Thunder to Jake Raines and Kilroy to Hale. Update: And may I remind you that Pharoah's Quest will very unlikely leave Egypt.

    Update 2: I will count the first Unregistered User who votes, but only because I know it is not the same person voting again.

    Update 3: Poll now up.

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