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  • Berrybrick

    Okay, something needs to be said LOUDLY.

    This wiki really hasn't been that much worse than it always has been. It just seems that way because Wikia is interfering more and more, so in that case, yes, it is worse. The focus of most users hasn't been on editing for years, and customs never really had too much of the limelight either (there are a few exceptions, but in general, no. Sig-figs don't count either). Should people edit? Sure. Should they feel pressured to edit when they don't want to? No, of course not. Calling a user "useless" just because they want to be a part of the community built around the wiki, but don't feel confident in editing is not right.

    However, the primary contribution to the wiki should not be doing what it takes to be popular.…

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  • Berrybrick

    Berry here, and I feel a ramble coming on. Considering what you may know, I thought I would mention unnaturally that despite a few issues I have had with wikia, that I'll be deeplinking some figures from Flickr anyway. I would like to thank Bug for acknowledging me that it is possible. Please enjoy these for now, and more are to come.

    Also, I need to credit CJC for another idea, but I'm not saying what....


    Black Canary

    The Flash


    The Joker


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  • Berrybrick

    Flickr & Brickshelf

    July 16, 2013 by Berrybrick

    I'm not the kind of guy to advertise, but I'll do it anyway. I've moved my base of operations for the moment customs-wise to Brickshelf. I have only gotten around to DC at the moment and even then some are missing, but there are a lot of new ones too. I also have been uploading some to Flickr.

    Anyway, just so you know.

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  • Berrybrick

    ...even though the cauldron is just spray-painted.

    This is all really ridiculous, what I have been watching for weeks now, and I did warn some of you this would happen if I kept it up.

    There aren't many plots. Either 5 or 7 or 20 or 36, but even then there is a lot of overlap. No idea is truly original. You can go for your own take or a fresh twist on a time-old story, but there really is not a single thing that hasn't been done before.

    Funny, being LEGO enthusiasts, I would imagine you would all notice this, especially in recent years. I'm not talking about what LEGO rehashes though. I'm talking about the silver cauldron. It has been made up to be something great and shiny, when really it is just as black underneath as the pot who worships i…

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  • Berrybrick

    Bandwagoning with Friends is fun. I did it when the sign-up blogs were popular too. Anyway, I'm just looking for something to do while I wait for Brickimedia.

    And don't be too quick to judge this story by it's beginning. It's a Battle of Heartlake tie-in, though probably non-canonical.

    Each section will have one or more questions. You must answer them with the number of the question first, and then the letter.

    It's a bright sunshiny day as you feel warm rays on your face and open your eyes to a blinding light, the sun. You jump out of bed and quickly pull on the cutest outfit in your closet...


    A) A pink tanktop with hearts
    B) A purple tanktop with flowers
    C) A yellow T-shirt with stars
    D) A blue tank top with musical notes
    E) A green hoodie with p…
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