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Br1ck animat0r Br1ck animat0r 7 October 2012

Sun Promo....?

Any of our avid Englandish Brickipedians will know by now that the fourth Sun Promotion was set to begin yesterday but if, like me you went down to pick up your Uruk Hai with Balista, you would have found that no such promotion exists....

I heard about it from our own wiki and believed it... I only got suspicious when there were no advertisements prior to the event. If anyone else has any information regarding the mistake or knows where we got the source from... I'd like to know in the comments.

--From the desk of Br1ck an1mator 10:24, October 7, 2012 (UTC)

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Br1ck animat0r Br1ck animat0r 14 June 2012

Farkas Redstorm

Farkas Redstorm is the eldest of Vladek Redstorm's descendants and leader of the Shadow Guild, a division of the evil Boar Knights. Farkas and his Elite Boar Knights vow to reclaim the imprisoned soul of Vladek. Only when Vladek has returned can the Redstorms tyrannous rule of Morcia resume.
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Br1ck animat0r Br1ck animat0r 13 June 2012

Lego Club Magazine - Sneak Peeks.

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Br1ck animat0r Br1ck animat0r 9 June 2012

Arantha Aetherplith

Aranaethanah (Arantha) Aetherplith The Third, Brother of Aarlam Aetherplith, Hero of Beeston. When the ancient foe of Aldendan rises, Arantha is Morcia's only hope...

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Br1ck animat0r Br1ck animat0r 26 April 2012

Why I've been so busy.

Hello all, I just decided to quickly whip up this blog to explain why you havn't been seeing much of me on chat...

Nothing bad's happened, don't worry but I'm just very busy, mainly with competing in the 2012 Duke of Edinburgh Expedition, basically, I need to spend six months volunteering with a local community group, competing in sporting activities and planning a four man, 12 mile expedition through the lake district. Since this happens mainly in my spare time, I have to sacrifice a hefty percentage of being a br1ckipedian and seeing all my friends on chat.

But never fear, in late July I will have finished the expedition and volunteering stage.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who supported me and helped achive my chat mod rights.

Live long and Pros…

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