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Hey everyone! BFN here with my first-ever contest!

We now have the set names, but no images, for a large number of upcoming sets set for release in 2014. The purpose of this contest is to see how you imagine those future sets will look like once released!

So, the idea is fairly simple. First, you pick a 2014 set whose name, but not image, has been released. Then, you build an MOC based on what you think the set will look like, and post the image and a description of any features included or any printing or new molds you would have included if possible in a comment on this blog. You should try and post your entry before the image of the chosen set is released, but some reasonable accommodation can be made where necessary. The contest will close when most of the 2014 images have been released, as they will be used in the judging.


  1. Do not copy someone else's entry, do not plagiarize, etc. All that super-obvious stuff.
  2. No joke entries, please.
  3. Pick a set name of an announced 2014 set from this list (or any other fairly-valid source) that has not had images released yet. So far, this means that one could not do most of the SW ones, as watermarked images have been released onto the web as of a little while ago.
  4. Try to submit your entry before an image of the set is released. This way, we can be sure you are not cheating. :P

The contest has no definitive close date, as it will close by the time that nearly all of the 2014 images have been released. You can, however, expect this to be sometime in mid to late fall.


Each entry will be judged by the following criteria.

  • Set Design (how aesthetically-pleasing it looks) -50%
  • Accuracy (or how close it looks to the actual set) - 25%
  • Creativity -25%


There will be one grand prize winner and two second-place winners.

Grand Prize

Grand prize winners have the unique opportunity to, for the most part, negotiate their prize in chat! :D Below, however, are some possible ideas.

  • A 3D render of their entry.
  • A cool template.
  • A 3D sig-fig (will have some limitations)
  • A 3D render of a LEGO trophy designed especially for this contest.

What do you think? Pretty neat, right? :P

Second Prize

Each second prize winner will receive a custom template displaying their winning entry!

Well, that's all! Have fun, and let's see how good this wiki's future set guesswork is! :P

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