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  • I live in Vorton, depends on my travels
  • My occupation is Mogwai Caretaker, Ninja, Jedi Knight, Slytherin Member
  • I am Male
  • BrownieBunny101

    Who Would Win

    February 21, 2016 by BrownieBunny101

    Welcome to the second WWW! (Who Would Win). Who would gain glory in video games: the awesome looking Gamer Kid from Midway Arcade and Lego Dimensions, or the Video Game Kid from the 12th series of Lego Minifigures?

    The Digiverse is abandoned. Nothing to see, no living soul in sight. Nothing created, no buildings, no destruction. Like a giant, dark blue empty room.

    After the battle of the Overlord in the Digiverse, there was nothing to be seen. It was as silent as the night before Christmas, but multiplied by ten.

    But then, out of nowhere, a teenaged boy appeared suddenly. He had the normal yellow skin of a Lego minifigure, black hair swept to the right. A black jacket over a green shirt with an 8-bit alien on it, and wore nice jeans.

    “Hmm, thi…

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  • BrownieBunny101

    Who Would Win?

    February 13, 2016 by BrownieBunny101

    I will be posting weekly "Versus" posts in which people vote on which character(s) or vehicle(s) would win. Here's the first one:


    In the Underground Caverns of Master Chen’s island, there was silence. Not a word. The only things to be heard were the crawling of mice and the sound of the wind.

    Kai, the ninja of fire, and the master of spinjitzu and airjitzu, walked silently through the halls, a horrid smell of death and dust in the air. In his Deepstone outfit, and his sword at the ready, he approached an area of what was a meditating chamber. Lit candles brightened the area, where a metallic human sat, legs crossed. “What would you like, my good old friend?” said the Titanium Ninja.

    “Don’t play nice with me, Zane,” replied Kai, ignori…

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  • BrownieBunny101

    Lego Multiverse

    January 30, 2016 by BrownieBunny101

    I am working on a custom Lego video game, called Custom:Lego Multiverse along side User:EpiJake2002, and we could use all the help we can get! Add themes, characters, vehicles, and whatnot! But please don't ruin it - that's not fun. Please help! Any talented people are free to help! I'd love if these people would help:

    • User:Marvellover157
    • User:Thatstinkyguy
    • User:VesperalLight
    • User:LEGOBennyTheBrick3

    Note: I'd like to thank VesperalLight for adding the huge section in Lego Multiverse, and Marvellover157 for giving us permission to use his theme. It's a huge honor :)

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