Out of the factory line that is my mind, comes another brilliant idea.

I present to you, some collectable editing awards! How does it work I hear you thinking? Well, simple.

  1. I go onto recent changes and skim through as usual, or idle on chat for a while
  2. If I see you've made a positive contribution to the community, you get a random award.
  3. I pick a number at random (or use a random number generator) and post it on your talk page.
  4. If you get all 10 in this series, you get the special award.
  5. In a few months time, new ones will come out.
  6. Special occasions may see special awards.

So, what fantastic awards can we collect. Well:

Regular awards

Special awards

So, go and make a positive contribution to the wiki. Be it in the mainspace or template or images or blogs or chat, just go be nice and awesome and stuff to win.

(Note: I won't see every edit or every chat comment, so please don't be too upset if I miss a great edit you make)

(Note 2: If any other admin would like to give these out, just ask below)