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A quick blog post to state my disappointment regarding Wikia's recent global block of ToaMeiko's by Sannse. I have been informed it is for terms of use violation on a test wiki, namely removing ads. Meiko is one of the few people who focus on editing, is within days of becoming an admin, and is a constructive member of both this wiki and many others here on Wikia, and why a few edits on a test wiki that no one other than himself visits should be cause to harm to this community is beyond me.


I think I should elaborate why I'm disappointed here. Its not because of hatred to Wikia, wanting to go to Brickimedia, or because I love Meiko. Its because ultimately, the only reason I am still here is because, as much as I hate to admit it, I've grown fond of the community and want to help it (And I don't want you lot to destroy the work I've put into it :P). I don't care whether the community is here or Brickimedia at the end of the day.

But anyway, my role here as admin I see as containing the following:

  1. ) Enforce the rules of the community, as decided by the community in forums and found in the policy pages.
  2. ) Enact the will of the community - as decided through forums, consensuses and through user rights requests.
  3. ) To help ensure the community is healthy - it is getting (relatively well) along, to ensure it can survive and to ensure it is editing.

Now, to me, Meiko's ban is against #2 and #3. As such, I feel it is not good for the community and am protesting it.


Wikia's reason for blocking Meiko can be found here.

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