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  • Captain Jag

    F12: RGI Division

    August 14, 2012 by Captain Jag

    This blog is now closed.

    Since I have moved to Brickimedia along with many other users, I will no longer be updating this blog here. If you want to report reviews, you will have to do that on the new site. You can still stay here and make reviews though.

    To do helpful stuff on the wiki that isn't covered in the main F12 army.

    • To sign up, simply let me know you want to join in the comments section below.

    (Please note- ranks may change if needed)
    Uniform Colour: User may choose, as long as all awards are visible
    500 points and current leader- Chief of State
    500 points- Governor

    High Officer
    350 points- Grand Admiral
    250 points- Admiral
    200 points- Grand Moff
    150 points- Moff
    100 points- High General

    75 points- General
    50 points- Commander
    35 points-…

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  • Captain Jag


    November 24, 2011 by Captain Jag

    Right, a quick survey. The only question is, do you play with LEGO?

    1. Actively plays with/collects LEGO.
    2. Used to play with/collect LEGO, or is a fan of LEGO but doesn't have time to play with it.
    3. No interest in LEGO whatsoever.
    4. Other (please specify)

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  • Captain Jag

    Dino Dimensions

    November 11, 2011 by Captain Jag

    Who measured the dimensions for the new Dino sets?

    First, the dinosaurs. There are are five types- T-Rex, Raptor, Coelophysis, Pteranadon, and Triceratops.

    For the Triceratops- 23cm tall. Hmm.

    Pteranodon- 20cm long, 10cm tall? What?

    Coelophysis- 5cm tall, 7cm long. Sounds about right. But in the other set, it's 15cm tall?

    Raptor - 7cm tall in one set, 23 in another???


    And that's just the dinosaurs. The 5885 Triceratops Trapper is 58cm long, and 78 cm wide? Huh?

    In 5887 Dino Defense HQ, the chopper is apparently 17cm long and 5cm wide. And it says that both 12 inches (30cm) and 2 inches (5cm) are the same, 5cm.

    This isn't just us- it's on

    Who measured the dimensions?

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  • Captain Jag

    Guess what

    October 31, 2011 by Captain Jag

    Guess what?

    Yup... it's me now.

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  • Captain Jag

    How to Leave 2

    August 19, 2011 by Captain Jag

    Don't take this parodical blog for real- have a look at User_blog:BobaFett2/How_to_Leave. Follow that instead of this!

    Step 0: Be on Brickipedia
    Step 1: Think of maybe leaving.
    Step 2: Create a blog post asking whether you should leave, with a poll.
    Step 3: When the blog has a lot of views, announce that maybe you won't leave after all.
    Step 4: Stay a few more days
    Step 5: Make a another blog post saying that you are going to leave in X days. :Step 6: Update the blog every day with how many days left.
    Step 7: Put a big, bold, red notice on your userpage saying to look at your blog.
    Step 8: Leave
    Step 9: Make another blog with a poll asking whether you should come back.
    Step 10: Come back and decide to stay, actually.
    Step 11: Return to Step 0.

    Don't t…

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