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Hey everyone.

I recently started thinking of making a comic, which I'm thinking of calling "Keeping up with the Hypaxxussss". It'll star Hypaxxus-8, his wife, Aileen (see what I did there?) and their teenage son, Glitzblog. It will revolve around their family, and the Alien Conquest line.

It'll also include Monster Fighter cameos, and the Vampire bat and Lord Vampyre staying with them.

It will take a while to make, as I do not own most of these figures. It'll be most likely released December 2013.

EDIT: I'm not accepting ANY more cameo requests, If anyone of you read my comment, you'd know :/

(btw, I'm not too far off 8,000 edits)

--Czech 00:18, July 15, 2012 (UTC)

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