Darth henry Darth henry 10 March 2014

LEGO Warriors Poll

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Darth henry Darth henry 30 January 2014

And the next CUUSOO set is...

FMS: Glad the totally didn't shoot this one down, while I won't buy it, I suppose females do have a point about most figures being males. Even though it usually is males who are actiony, girl LEGO fans deserve something better than Cruncher's Driver. I hope this makes it.

Poptropica: Really? I was 100& sure this one would be made, I mean the company themselves made the set and account. Usually when that happens, it's a definite yes. My little sister even has $50 saved up to buy this ._. While I don't play Poptropica, I would have loved to see a pink bunny helm.

FTL: Didn't the FTL company endorse this? This was another surprising answer. I think I might have got this one. Then again, it was just a bunch of micro-scale ships...

The Road to Oz:…

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Darth henry Darth henry 29 January 2014


Ok so I just thought it would be a great idea to have an American CUUSOO project. Basically it is going to be a couple of 8x8 vignettes, each with a minifigure. I was going to include George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and Uncle Sam. I have the whole project written up, as well as a list of people and organizations that I am going to contact (online and real world). So what I need now are some people who would like to help build vignettes and design figures for the project. Remember that if you help, you will be made into a full partner receiving an equal cut of profits and fame. I am going to be making some things myself, and I'll post them here when they are done. Please comment if…

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Darth henry Darth henry 7 January 2014

CUUSOO Spotlight Week 5

Please support the project, here!

Okay, so there haven't been any new CUUSOO projects that I felt like writing about for a whiiiiile. But as soon as I saw this one, I felt instantly attracted to it, I mean, THE coolest wizard in THE coolest Hobbit scene. How could I say no? :D

This set is based off the scene where Radagast the Brown uses his rabbit-drawn sled to distract the Wargs away from the dwarves.

Besides the minifigure, everything is brickbuilt, even the rabbits, which I was pleasantly surprised at. I would have never thought to do it like that, but it is probably the best way to do it. The only thing I'm not sure about, it how fragile the build actually is, I mean, I see all those hands and things sticking out and I'm not sure how tha…

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Darth henry Darth henry 31 December 2013

The LEGO Movie Clan

Ok, we haven't had editing armies for a while, so here's a new one.

The LEGO Movie coming up, has introduced a lot of new characters and sets, and I mean a LOT. Our goal in this army is to get all of those new pages to Class 2, the rank all pages should eventually obtain.

  • 1 Points and Awards
    • 1.1 Points System
    • 1.2 Ranks
      • 1.2.1 Emmet [1st Rank]
      • 1.2.2 Vitruvius [2nd Rank]
      • 1.2.3 Wyldstyle [3rd Rank]
      • 1.2.4 Uni-Kitty [4th Rank]
      • 1.2.5 Larry the Barista [5th Rank]
    • 1.3 Awards

A point is given to you if you promote a The LEGO Movie article up a class. This could be as grand upgrading a C1 page to a FA or as small as getting a C5 page to C4. After you have improved a page, posted the class upgrade request, and had a ruling, post a link to the ruling and I'll give you our…

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