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  • Darthleapyous

    Look at Kapau. Now look at Kapau'rai, the new serpentine. They both have "Kapau" in their names and both have the red arm and cloth on torso. I think this pretty much proves that the cultists are going to be transformed into Anacondrai.

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  • Darthleapyous

    The new sets descriptions are out on Have fun editing.

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  • Darthleapyous


    September 29, 2014 by Darthleapyous


    Ok so some of you will know that the youtuber Just2good is uploading pictures of finalised LEGO 2015 pictures!!!! He put up a voting poll for which theme you want to see next and he may upload the finalised pics TONIGHT. I ask for one thing...... PLEASE VOTE FOR NINJAGO SO WE CAN SEE THE NINJAGO 2015 FINALISED SETS!!! Don't let DC Win! Here is the poll

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  • Darthleapyous

    It seems that in the upcoming Ninjago wave their will be two new generals (3 if you include white Pythor).

    The reasons why i think that there are 2 generals is that

    • The general appears in 3 sets, that is way too many for one wave so there must be two generals
    • The bottom right part of the boxes show two different poses that the generals are in, the first general is facing straight on and the second general is slightly facing the left. I think that this shows that they are two different minifigures. I don't think they would show different poses for the same character in the character box thing.
    • The second general has more printing and is in the biggest set, meaning that he would be the main antagonist snake. The other general appears in 2 other…
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  • Darthleapyous

    i found a list of rumoured 2015 Lego sets on Brickfanatics and found out some really interesting Ninjago setes. Here is the link

    • 70745 – Anacondrai Crusher
    • 70746 – Anacondrai Copter
    • 70747 – Cole’s Rock Crusher
    • 70748 – Titan Dragon
    • 70749 – Temple of Anacondrai
    • 70750 – Mobile Ninja Base
    • 70751 – Unknown Set
    • 70752 – Jungle Trap
    • 70753 – Lava Falls
    • 70754 – Jay’s Electro-Mech
    • 70755 – Lloyd’s Jungle Predators

    Looks like the Anacondrai are gonna be the villains.

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